Digital Marketing Service: A Perfect Way To Reach Customer

Today many companies providing digital marketing services in Delhi to countless clients whether they are startups or has a big name in the market. After an increase in demand of digital marketing, digital marketing experts are focusing on three major platforms to promote businesses Online i.e SEO, SMO and SEM. Here are the following factors that impact the traffic and conversion rate of the website:

Search Engine Optimization For Organic Result
Organic Search Engine Optimization is a process that involves analyzing the website and implement the site’s underlying code, architecture, and content in such a way that it is selected and ranked naturally by search engines i.e. without any Online payment involved. SEO involves three major optimizations:

  • On Page Optimization of Website
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Local Business Listing Optimization

Above mentioned features are very important to improve Organic searching of any website.  A genuine SEO services in Delhi prefers white hat SEO because of it most useful for clients business.

digital marketing company

SMO: Social Media Optimization
To increase the website traffic or sell a product, Social Media is a most popular platform to attract the customers. Social media websites have a huge number of users, easy for a digital marketing expert to target them. There is so many social media website such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest that have many users.

PPC: Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click or PPC is known for Cost Per Click. It means placing ads on a behalf of an advertiser in which advertiser pays a sum of money when an ad is clicked. Before placing an advertisement, you should know about the bid strategies of Google. Here are the following criteria:

  • Target search page location(TSPL): The ad will appear on top of the page or on the first page of the Google. By choosing this strategy, visibility of ad will increase on the Google search engine when the cost of an ad increases.
  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA): In this scenario, the client doesn’t want to increase clicks budget that means the user will pay when something has done on the website either he/she has purchased a product, filled a form, or view a page, does not focus on max clicks or position of ads.
  • Return on Ads spend (ROAS): To track, you need to integrate conversion tracking into your website. You get a return on your ads. For eg: 500ads per cost-550 = 50 Rs returns on your ads i.e 10% return.
  • Maximize Click: In your daily budget, you are asking Google to give max clicks on your ad.
  • Target Outranking Share: In this bid strategy, you are targeting a particular competitor.  For eg: you are Flipkart and targeting Amazon, whenever user search for amazon your Flipkart ad will appear. It’s very expensive and targets only one competitor at a time.
  • Maximize Conversion: By choosing this method, Google shows your ads to those people who have high tendencies for conversion.
  • Enhanced CPC: An automated version of Manual CPC. It makes your ad more aggressive when your ad is not performing by increasing your bid. It increases or decreases bids by 30 percent.

The above strategies are the perfect way for a digital marketing expert to target the audiences as per clients needs. Businesses must hire an experienced and professional guy who can completely capable of delivering digital marketing services in Delhi to the clients.

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